Morrissey Morass

Given my commentary regarding Morrissey in my posts here I can’t ignore his support for what’s described as the “far-right political party” For Britain. I haven’t delved into this but am reminded of how filmmaker Derek Jarman, with whom Morrissey collaborated, sounded the alarum of Britain’s demise. And there’s other stuff. Again, I won’t ignore this.

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  1. Looking forward to reading about about this. Sometimes one has to separate the art from the artist. As in Beck – a Scientologist or Wagner – an antisemite. Your thoughts?

    1. I agree. Websites keep teasing me with the Nick Cave-Brian Eno quarrel re BDS, with Eno pro and Cave con; I’m with Eno but it doesn’t keep me from listening to Cave. And I wrote a long critique of Bryan Ferry’s representations of women and his multiple flirtations with the spectacle of the Third Reich; but I didn’t burn his records.

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