Everybody Dance Now 5: The People’s Panopticon

Yesterday my brother Richard remarked in our weekly transpacific Skype chat, that the cell phone camera has changed everything, from unmasked undistanced kids walking down a hallway in Georgia (I hadn’t yet seen it; he’s on Bangkok time) to gals getting their nails done getting zip-tied on the blacktop near my neighborhood.

It’s the People’s Panopticon. (And no, I haven’t checked to see if I’m coining an old phrase.)

Some said everything changed on 9/11, but it didn’t.

Melbourne-based choreographer Bonnie Su did this video two years ago, and like so much relatively recent work it’s wrapped in another dimension two years later.

Has everything changed? See what you think.

2 Replies to “Everybody Dance Now 5: The People’s Panopticon”

  1. The dancers leave me as bewildered as people who allow cell phones to interrupt personal connections do. Thus it is a perfect depiction of that contemporary phenomenon that allows the ringing of the cell phone to be a god summoning. Beautiful dancing by beautiful people!

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