I’m not ready to make nice

Just shy of twenty years ago the then-named Dixie Chicks were pilloried for daring to criticize W for his impending Iraq invasion. They responded with their masterpiece of resistance, “Not Ready to Make Nice.” I bought that album for my wife Andrea Carney, who liked the now-named Chicks. She converted me. Rick Rubin’s impeccable production was akin to what he’d done with Donovan’s Sutras and Johnny Cash’s several American Recordings: let the people play!

Here’s the promo video for the song. I’d never seen it until last night. Completely compatible visually with the white-privilege-speaks-to-power protest we know well.

Earlier last night I heard a sequence from the J6 hearing that sent me to the Chicks. Matt Bracken talked about a stop-the-steal rebellion in words that abortion advocates could heed, including shades of Occupy. Cries of “1776” were made on J6. Weren’t we told as gradeschoolers that revolution was justified, and perhaps required, sometime after, if not anon?

Trump pulled away the veil in so many ways. I hate the system, but Trump helped me hate it more, and we all should be indebted. The J6 hearings reveal how dinky is our notion of democracy, for all the genuflecting.

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